The company ORO S, proizvodnja, trgovina in storitve d.o.o. (ORO S; production, sale, and services), with a short name ORO S d.o.o., was founded at the end of the year 2008. The company’s main activity is the manufacture of the composite parts of tools, intended for the processing of thermoplastic materials, the foundry industry, as well as for the cutting tools.

We are a small, young company. We started our activity in Studeno near Postojna, at the registered office of the establishment of the trademark ORO, recognizable so in the local, as in the foreign market. We have been running our business in Studeno for 3 years, then we moved to the industrial and small-scale production zone Neverke near Pivka. In Neverke we hired business premises in order to continue to conduct our activity. However, our own development and the competitive position in the local, as in the foreign market, encouraged us to move forward. In the year 2012 we bought a business building, to which we moved in the next year. Today we can proudly tell that we own the business premises, sized of 2,100 m2, in which we perform our activity without interruption. By buying the business premises we became stronger and more competitive.

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