Sinker EDM

The decision to invest into the Gantry Eagle 1200 sinker EDM further confirms the company’s commitment to manufacture of advanced tooling parts. We are happy to say that our manufacturing programme is highly competitive both in domestic and foreign markets. We also offer sinker EDM services to external users.

Our sinker EDM services complement other processes involved in the production of advanced tooling parts and allow us total independence from any external partners. This is a big advantage as it allows us complete autonomy in the planning of manufacturing processes, and such planning, in turn, allows us to better focus on the requirements and wishes of our valued customers.

  • Limits of operation 1000 x 1510 x 700 mm
  • Fluid container size 1270 x 1770 x 680 mm
  • Load capacity of table 7500 kg
  • Automatic tool switcher 30 electrodes
  • Controller 64-bit Eagle Power Jump

However, what truly gives us a great advantage over our competition is our choice of top technological equipment.